Happiness appears, when your doing and your words are helpful for you and others.


Gautama Buddha

Jayantha Gomes was born on January 8th 1956 as the third child of a mechanic of the Sri Lanka Railway Department in Mount Lavinia, Sri Lanka. After the early death of his father he quit his engineering studies at the age of 17 to support his family. He already realised in his youth that he had certain creative powers.


With his fragile batiks on cotton fabric he ventured into an old artistic tradition of his home country. By selling his handmade batiks he also managed to earn the first money for his family.


From the middle of the 80s on, he expanded his repertoire with watercolours, pencil and ink drawings as well as sculptures.


At the beginning of the 90s he began writing. In 1992 he won the first prize in the Children and Youth Literature contest of the town of Bad Wildbad. By now another successful children's book had appeared.


From 1994 on he published illustrations to the Indian poetry ''Siddhartha'' by Hermann Hesse. This series of eighteen watercolours gained him extraordinary recognition among experts.


In 1999/2000 he was nominated for the FUKUOKA-ASIAN-CULTURAL-PRIZE in Japan as the first artist of Sri Lanka.


In April 2000 his first novel ("Darkened Dawn") in Sinhala language was published in Sri Lanka.


Various ambassadors of his home country called him the ''cultural ambassador'' of Sri Lanka. Indeed, he is one of the most successful artists of his country.





First public exhibition at a fair in Colombo, together with his cousin Somarathne Gomes, who actually introduced Jayantha to arts when he was young.


First joint exhibition on the Maledives.



A year of learning, change and the collection of new ideas. Through the expanding tourism, Jayantha Gomes met many people from all continents, who influenced his style of art.



Participation, together with Somarathne Gomes, at the Big Craft Exhibition, on the occasion of the conference of the non-aligned countries in Colombo. Their most famous client is Jehan Sadat, the wife of the murdered Egyptian President Anwar el Sadat.


Joint participation in the All-Island Exhibition, an exhibition of various products, made in Sri Lanka. One batik, which is adorned with wood carved elephants, won the first prize as best exhibited piece. This work was exhibited at many representative and international events of the government.



The editor of this book met Jayantha Gomes in Sri Lanka.



Jayantha Gomes began a new period of creation. His first own exhibition in Loerrach, Germany, followed.



The impressions of his journey to Germany are more than guidelines for him. Back in his home country he worked on new pieces and he prepared himself for international exhibitions.



Second exhibition in Germany in collaboration with the aid organisation HUMEDICA in Kaufbeuren.


First exhibition in Switzerland, Eglisau.



Official representative of Sri Lanka on the fair "Partners of Progress" in Berlin.


First exhibition in Norway, Sandefjord.


Exhibition in Pulheim near Cologne.



First exhibition in USA, Woodstock.


Further exhibitions in Schopfheim, Loerrach and Fuessen, Germany, followed.


Exhibition in Gelterkinden, Switzerland.



For the whole year he worked on the realisation of new ideas in his home town Mount Lavinia.



The organisation HUMEDICA sponsored an exhibition in Kempten and Kaufbeuren, Germany, with the topic "Art of the Third World".


Exhibition in Puettlingen, "Altes Schloesschen".



For the entire year he worked in his home country on new forms. For the first time he gave his works, which were up to this point of traditional, religious and natural character, abstract-modern motives. An example is the work "How to be a butterfly?".



Exhibitions in Schwangau, Wildbad, Kempten, Stuttgart, Cologne-Lindenthal and Wuppertal.



On July 15th 1987 he married Gertrud Altmeyer.


With the topic ''Dreams of Harmony'' he organised a line of successful exhibitions in Germany: St.Wendel, Pforzheim, Calw, Cologne-Center, Schmelz, Freudenstadt, Schoemberg, Cologne-Marienburg, Cologne-Suedstadt and Calw-Altburg.



Bad Mergentheim, Kiel, Bad Driburg, Siegburg and Oberhausen were further stages of his art in Germany.


After successful exhibitions over the past two years he returned to his home country for a longer stay.



New exhibitions, completed with new motives, were held in Limburg, Nagold, Weil der Stadt, Bad Windsheim, Bad Wildungen and Althengstett.


The gallery "arche 2000" organised in collaboration with the children's charity organisation "World Vision International e.V." the exhibition "Children of our World", which started in autumn 1989 and was shown in many German cities. Three of Jayantha Gomes' works on this topic were seen in this exhibition.



Exhibition in Schmelz.


Exhibition in Bonn, Hotel Dreesen, during the celebrations of the independence day of Sri Lanka. The invitation was issued by the embassy of Sri Lanka.


Again he passed a couple of months of intense work in his home country Sri Lanka.


Exhibition in Bad Neuenahr and participation in an exhibition in Stuttgart, organised by the "Bund Deutscher Künstler" in Baden-Württemberg.


Exhibition in Calw-Altburg.



Exhibitions in Stuttgart and Schoemberg.


A journey of three months to his home country. Returned to Germany with new ideas, fantasies and colour compositions.


Supported different human projects in Calw-Altburg, his residence in Germany.



With his children's book "The Thought-worthy Story of the Turtle Ibba" he won the first prize in the first contest of youth literature of the Volkshochschule Oberes Enztal of the Town of Bad Wildbad.


In the frame of the celebration of independence of Sri Lanka the embassy organised an exhibition in Munich.


Exhibition in Staatsbad Bad Salzuflen.


Exhibition in Calw-Wimberg. For the topic "Children of our World" he designed various postcard motives for the "Terre des Homme"-group of Calw.


Exhibition in Althengstett.


He spent two months in his home country to prepare himself for different exhibitions.


Exhibition in Bad Krozingen.


Exhibition in the "Hamburgisches Museum für Völkerkunde" on the occasion of the event "Markt der Völker".


Design and production of art postcards in favour of the protestant church in Calw- Altburg.



Exhibition in Bad Bellingen.


Hermann Hesses novel "Siddhartha" inspired Jayantha Gomes to create a series of 18 Siddhartha-paintings.


Exhibition in the "Hamburgisches Museum für Völkerkunde" on the occasion of the event "Markt der Völker".



The Siddhartha-paintings were exhibited in the Hermann Hesse-Museum in Calw.


Jayantha Gomes worked in Sri Lanka for several months.


Exhibition in the "Hamburgisches Museum für Völkerkunde" on the occasion of the event "Markt der Völker".



The Siddhartha series was exhibited in the Hermann-Hesse-Höri-Museum in Gaienhofen/Bodensee, as well as in the Goethe-Institut in Colombo, Sri Lanka. The reaction of visitors and media were overwhelming. TV-stations, radio-stations and newspapers reported Jayantha Gomes' successful exhibitions.


Publication in German of his first prize-winning children's book "The Thought-worthy Story of the Turtle Ibba".


Exhibition in the "Hamburgisches Museum für Völkerkunde" on the occasion of the event "Markt der Völker".



The Siddhartha-series and other works were presented in Nagold with the motto "Wege des Wachstums".


Together with 120 pupils, Jayantha Gomes initiated an art project entitled "Dreams of Harmony" sponsored by the SriLankan Airlines, that was exhibited in Althengstett, as well as in the Lionel Wendt Art Gallery in Colombo.


Three months work experience in Mount Lavinia, Sri Lanka.


Exhibition in the "Hamburgisches Museum für Völkerkunde" on the occasion of the event "Markt der Völker".



On the occasion of the 9th international Hermann Hesse Colloquium in Calw, Jayantha Gomes exhibited his paintings with the theme "Meditation and Harmony" in Hermann Hesse-Museum.


Presentation of another successful children's book in German with the title: "The Little Bird's Adventurous Excursion" in Calw.


The Sri Lankan ambassador in Germany invited Jayantha Gomes to organise various art and culture projects to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Sri Lankan independence in the Federal Republic of Germany.


Exhibition in Kandern.


Under the topic "Ayubowan" 25 paintings by pupils from Mount Lavinia were exhibited in Nagold. He initiated the project in his home town Mt. Lavinia.


The illustrations of Hermann Hesse's novel "Siddhartha" and other works were exhibited in the castle "Star Hrady" in Liban, Czech Republic.


Exhibition in the "Hamburgisches Museum für Völkerkunde" on the occasion of the event "Markt der Völker".



Due to the ceremony of the 50th anniversary of Sri Lankan independence, an exhibition was initiated in the Goethe-Institut in Bonn.


Enactment of another art project with more than 200 pupils in Althengstett with the theme "Image of Sri Lanka".


The Museum of European Art in the castle of Nörvenich, close to Cologne, arranged an exhibition with Jayantha Gomes' works for the 50th anniversary of Sri Lanka's independence entitled "Art from Sri Lanka - the World of Buddhism".


Exhibition in Dorint-Hotel, Frankfurt/Main.


In co-operation with the Goethe-Institut in Colombo, the project "Image of Sri Lanka" was exhibited in the Lionel Wendt Art Gallery.


Exhibition in the "Hamburgisches Museum füür Völkerkunde" on the occasion of the event "Markt der Völker".



In the age of new media a homepage was created for Jayantha Gomes. In the internet he introduces some of his works and his biography to a world wide public. (


As the first artist of Sri Lanka, he was nominated for the FUKUOKA- ASIAN-CULTURAL-PRIZE 1999/2000 in Japan.


Exhibition in the Linden-Museum in Stuttgart for the event "Ostermarkt der Völker".


Exhibition in the gallery of the city Vodnany and in the Galerie Ceskobratrské in Mladá Boleslav (Czech Republic).


The partner city of Calw, Weida, invited Jayantha Gomes for a two-week workshop in their art studio at the Osterburg.


Exhibition in the "Hamburgisches Museum für Völkerkunde" on the occasion of the event "Markt der Völker".

Exhibition in Meerbusch-Osterath.


A two-month exhibition with Jayantha Gomes and two other artists was arranged by the "Syrlin Kunstverein e.V. International" in the Hotel Europe in Stuttgart.


At the beginning of December, he started a five month work experience in Mount Lavinia, Sri Lanka. He finished his first novel "Darkened Dawn", which he began about two years ago in Germany.



In January the author of this book visited Jayantha Gomes and his family at his home in Mount Lavinia, Sri Lanka.


In April he presented his novel "Darkened Dawn" written in his native language Sinhala, to the public in Colombo. The novel deals with the experiences of his early youth and the uprising of students and intellectuals belonging to a radical left movement in 1971, at which about 30.000 Sinhala youths lost their lives in Sri Lanka. The media of Sri Lanka, TV and radio-stations, as well as the main Sri Lankan newspapers, were respectful and full of recognition for his latest literal work.


Under the motto "Heimat" (Home) a team exhibition with Jayantha Gomes and 25 other artists from around Calw took place in Calw.


Exhibition in the "Hamburgisches Museum für Völkerkunde" on the occasion of the event "Markt der Völker"



On March 13th 2001, Jayantha Gomes was, as a Sri Lankan artist, invited by His Excellency Johannes Rau, President of the Federal Republic of Germany, to a dinner at the Palace Bellevue in Berlin, in honour of Her Excellency Chandrika Bandaranayake Kumaratunga, President of the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka.


In June the town of Calw officially recognised Jayantha Gomes as being one of the initiators of the festival to celebrate the 125th birthday anniversary of Hermann Hesse. His exhibition project in 2002 will be titled "Hermann Hesse through the eyes of a Sri Lankan artist".


In July, in order to prepare his project, and with the friendly support of SriLankan Airlines, the artist returned home to Sri Lanka, formerly Ceylon, where he spent three months following the tracks of the 1911 visit of Hermann Hesse.


Exhibition in the "Hamburgisches Museum für Völkerkunde" on the occasion of the event "Markt der Völker"



On the 8th February opening of the exhibition "Dreams of Harmony" -An insight into 30 years of the artist´s activity - and presentation of the book " Jayantha Gomes - DREAMS OF HARMONY" - Stages in the artist´s life and the work of the artist, published by his long-standing friend Henry Mueller.


21.6.02 to 6.9.02 "Hermann Hesse from the view of a Buddhist artist", exhibition project about Hesse`s stay in Sri Lanka in 1911 in the framework of the Hermann-Hesse-Festival in the VHS, Alte Lateinschule, Calw.


Presentation of the new book " Imaginations of Hermann Hesse´s Siddhartha".


Exhibition in the "Hamburgisches Museum für Völkerkunde" on the occasion of the event "Markt der Völker".



April: project "Reading" at Grundschule Altburg


Art from the hands of children: With Jayantha Gomes the children of the Sprachheilkindergarten Calw-Stammheim created a painting for their Kindergarten.


With the guidance of Jayantha Gomes the schoolchildren of grade 4 of the Grundschule-Stammheim painted a large wallpainting "Harmony" entitled " Our schoolyard makes us happy".


Several projects with schoolchildren in and around Calw; the theme of the projects was "Children dream of Harmony". These projects were presented as an exhibition at Halle am Brühl in Calw under the programme "Kindergipfel Agenda 21".


Jayantha Gomes worked in Sri Lanka for several weeks.


Presentation of the English translation of his Sinhala novel "Darkness at Dawn" in Colombo, Sri Lanka


Exhibition at the " Hamburgisches Museum für Völkerkunde" on the occasion of the event "Markt der Völker"



A two day workshop in August with children at Klosterareal Calw-Hirsau; this was organized by the Cultural Center of Calw during the "Summer Culture" event.


In September the presentation of "Summer Culture" workshop in the Rathaus Calw; the paintings by the children were exhibited under the theme "Illustrations of stories from Sri Lanka".


October: "Dreams of Harmony" exhibition in the Aula, Calw. This project was organized by the Cultural Center of Calw working together with Jayantha.


November: exhibition at the " Hamburgisches Museum für Völkerkunde" on the occasion of the event "Markt der Völker"


During the Christmas market in Calw Jayantha held an exhibition in the Rathausarkaden and a project for helping the Mithuru-Mithuro (Friends for Friends) in Palmadula, Sri Lanka.This project was sponsored by the Stadmarketing-Verein.



Jayantha Gomes has received the " Bürgermedaille" ( a prestigious certificate, medal and a badge) of the city of Calw to honour not only his long service as an artist but also his devoted work for humanity and international and intercultural understanding.


January to March Jayantha was in Sri Lanka to carry out projects to help people affected by the Tsunami. These projects were financed by the donations from his friends and well-wishers in and around Calw.


Well-wishers and friends of the artist established an association "Jayantha Gomes - Bündnis für Sri Lanka e.V". Jayantha Gomes was elected as the international ambassador for the association.


From June to September an exhibition titled "Philosophy of Buddhism" was held in the Klostermuseum Calw-Hirsau.


Jayantha took part in the further activities of "Agenda 21 - Kindergipfel" called "Children of our world". Schoolchildren of grade 5 and 6 at Wimbergschule worked on a theater play " The peacock couple and the paradise of birds" based on a story by Jayantha.

During the traditional Klosterspiele Hirsau it was performed on stage on July 14th and awarded a "Förderpreis des Umweltministeriums des Landes Baden-Württemberg".


Jayantha Gomes was invited as a guest artist by the Embassy of Sri Lanka in Berlin for the exhibition "Gegenwartskunst aus Sri Lanka" in the Berlin Art Center. The exhibition was organized for the Asian-Pacific-Week 2005.


November: exhibition at the Linden-Museum Stuttgart on the occasion of the event "Markt der Völker"


Exhibition at the " Hamburgisches Museum für Völkerkunde" on the occasion of the event "Markt der Völker"


Jayantha Gomes was invited by the University of Hamburg as a Srilankan author to take part in "3. Südasien-Tag" to present his novel "Darkness at Dawn".


Jayantha, together with city of Calw and "Jayantha Gomes - Bündnis für Sri Lanka e.V.", organized the exhibition " Tsunami und meine Heimat Sri Lanka" in the Rathausarkaden in Calw. It was a presentation of his art, his activities and aid projects for the Sri Lanka people affected by the Tsunami . The exhibition was declared open by His Excellency Mr. Jayantha Palipane, the Ambassador of Sri Lanka, and the Mayor of Calw, Mr. Manfred Dunst.


In December "Kreuzberger Kinderstiftung" invited Jayantha to conduct several workshops for painting and reading during the "Festival of children and youth literature" in Berlin.



From April to July Jayantha spent his time in Sri Lanka, working with his Tsunami projects, conducting a number of workshops with Tsunami affected schoolchildren and their families. He introduced a new project to give assistance to 8 selected families to become "self employed".



Early in the year a group of people, among them Calw’s mayor and number of councillors, travelled to Sri Lanka.The journey was organized by Jayantha.They saw not only the beauty of his homeland but also the progress of several "Tsunami" projects supported by the “Jayantha Gomes- Bündnis für Sri Lanka”.


Invited in February by the German department of the University of Mumbai, India, Jayantha took part in an international conference with the theme “Translating Cultures”; this was an intercultural meeting between German speaking lands and Indian/Asian countries. Within this programme Jayantha held his first exhibition in India.


During the “Kindergipfel der Agenda 21” (children’s summit) in July Jayantha organized an art project for school children in Calw . An exhibition of the children`s art work was opened by Sri Lanka’s ambassador to Germany, His Excellency Jayantha Palipane.


In October the Srilankan author and film director Ranjith Kurupu presented his Sinhala translation of Waris Dirie’s book “Desert Flower” at the “Haus Palast” in Berlin. Jayantha was invited to give the main lecture and introduction to the theme of the book on this festive occasion, which was organized by the Sri Lanka Association of Berlin and the Sri Lanka Readers Forum.


New art works and his new 2008 calender were presented at Sprachheilzentrum Calw by Jayantha on the 19th of October.


Jayantha`s works of art were part of the “Markt der Völker” in Stuttgart’s Lindenmuseum from October 30th to November 4th.



Presentation of Jayantha’s calendar for 2009 at the Sprachheilzentrum Calw.



To honor his commitment and engagement with the idea “Kinder fördern – Chancen schaffen” ( Support children - create chances) Jayantha was awarded the “Bürgerschaftspreis 2009” by the regional foundation of the Sparkasse Pforzheim Calw for his project “Finding children’s rhythm and talents”.


New works of art and the calendar for 2010 were shown at Sprachheilzentrum Calw.


In November Jayantha and a team presented his illustrations of Hermann Hesse’s “Siddhartha” with music and reading of the text in the Hermann Hesse-Museum in Calw.


Exhibitions in the Völkerkundemuseum in Hamburg and the Lindenmuseum in Stuttgart at the “Markt der Völker” event.




Jayantha was invited to present his „Siddhartha“ illustrations supported by his percussion group "Jayantha and the Clan" at the New Year’s Reception of the Calw’s Trade and Industry Association with the year`s theme “On the trail of Hermann Hesse”.


Jayantha and his band "Jayantha and the Clan" took part in the “Natur.Kunst.Aktion am Gäu.Rand.Weg" on the 10th October in Münklingen. Visitors were asked to participate, together with the artists, in several art works.


While attending a conference in Italy the director of the organisation "Mithuru Mithuro" (Tsunami project partner in Sri Lanka), the Buddhist monk the Rev. Bodhananda, visited Jayantha in Calw to honour his social work.


Exhibitions in the Völkerkundemuseum Hamburg and Lindenmuseum in Stuttgart at the “Markt der Völker” event.



Paintings and batiks from two decades were shown at Jayantha`s exhibition “ Dreams of Harmony” at the Town Hall in Bad Liebenzell from February 18th to March 20th.


Presentation of a cultural project organized together with Kulturbüro Calw to celebrate the 150th anniversary of Rabindranath Tagore was held at Aula Calw on 6th of May - with music, insight into Tagore`s extraordinary life and his poetry.


In November the Museum für Völkerkunde in Hamburg celebrated the 25th “Markt der Völker”. Jayantha was honoured at the opening ceremony as he has been selected to represent Sri Lanka and Calw, the town of Hermann Hesse, for more than twenty times.



Art and music workshop with school children of Calw; the presentation of this project was held in Calw at Aula on 9th of November.


Exhibition in the Völkerkundemuseum Hamburg at the event of international „Markt der Völker“ from 15th to 18th of November.




Manuka Wijesinghe, a famous writer from Sri Lanka, presented her book „Theravada Man“ at the Justus-Liebig-University in Giessen, Germany; Jayantha played the background music with Sri Lankan percussion instruments.


On 17th of March Weil der Stadt organized an art exhibition named „Weil der Stadt as Gallery“. Jayantha was invited to exhibit his creations at Seniorenzentrum Bürgerheim.


On 25th of March the event “Days of INDIA” was presented in Calw Aula to celebrate the jubilee of 60 years of Indian-German cooperation. The well-known Indian dancer Priya Venkataraman and her ensemble presented this show. They were invited by State Secretary Hans-Joachim Fuchtel. Jayantha presented this Indian evening.


At the festival of Calw city from 28th to 30th of June “Jayantha & the Clan” presented different kinds of rhythms with drums and percussion instruments.


The first “Heumadener Terrassengeschichten” presented by Beate Ehnis were at Evangelisches Gemeindehaus in Calw-Heumaden. “Jayantha & the Clan” did the music for this event on 5th of August.


Exhibition in Stuttgart on the occasion of the event „Markt der Völker“ at Haus der Wirtschaft in October.


Jayantha presented his „collection of art 2014“ at Forum am Windhof in Calw-Wimberg from 11th to 13th of October. A special music programme was presented by Dr. Dagmar Jonas and „Jayantha & the Clan“.


The Asia-Africa Institute of Hamburg University organized the 11th South-Asia-Day on 16th of November. Sri Lanka was the main point of the programme. Jayantha was invited to represent his country.


Exhibition in the Völkerkundemuseum Hamburg from 13th to 17th of November at the event of international „Markt der Völker“



Honorary Consul for Sri Lanka in Munich Dr. Hammer organized a reception to celebrate 60 years of diplomatic relationship between Germany and Sri Lanka in Munich on 11tth February. Jayantha was invited to hold an exhibition of his art work and to present a programme of music.


There was an exhibition at Hermann Hesse-Museum Calw on the occasion of 200th birthday of Hermann Gundert in Calw. It was an artistic tribute to Hermann Gundert with paintings of Rainer Schoder and texts by Dr. Albrecht Frenz. „Jayantha & the Clan“ presented the music for the opening ceremony of this exhibition on 30th of March.


„Heumaden Aktiv“ had its first public festival on 1st of April at Evangelisches Gemeindehaus in Calw-Heumaden. „Jayantha & the Clan“ were invited to entertain the public with a music programme.


The new shopping center “Mittendrin“ in Neubulach organized a concert with exotic music instruments on 6th April. „Jayantha & the Clan“ were invited to play exotic rhythms.


„Bridge Builder and Ferryman“ was the title of an exhibition of paintings created by Jayantha to celebrate the 200th birthday of Hermann Gundert in Hermann Hesse-Museum Calw from 24th of May to 6th of July. „Jayantha & the Clan“ presented the music programme at the opening ceremony.


„Innehalten“ - an exhibition of art done by Jayantha was held at Stadtkirche Solothurn in Switzerland from 6th of September to 23rd of November.


Jayantha presented his „collection of art 2015“ and his new calendar for 2015 at Forum am Windhof in Calw-Wimberg from 10th to 12th October.


Aranyas drumstudio in Weil der Stadt is a professionally managed well-known

studio in our area. They celebrated the fifth anniversary on 8th of November. „Jayantha & the Clan“ were invited to play on the stage for this occasion.


Exhibition in the Völkerkundemuseum in Hamburg from 13th to 16th November at the event of international „Markt der Völker“.


„Bündnis Jayantha Gomes – Hilfe für Sri Lanka“ reminded the 10th year of the Tsunami catastrophe with citizens of Calw on 26th of December in Haus der Kirche Calw.




The benifit concert „ Jayantha live in Concert“ was presented at the "Haus auf dem Wimberg" in Calw on 8th of January. The proceeds of this event were donated to the organization "Lokale Allianz" in Calw that supports people suffering from dementia.


05.12.2015 Drumming & dancing evening at studio  Trommelei in Weil der Stadt.  Simbaya e.V. Stuttgart had organized this event with 11 bands. Jayantha & the Clan were invited.


21.11.2015 Presentation of the new book of  Peter Dorn  at Kunsthalle Altensteig, “Jayantha & the Clan” & the Solo-Trumpeter Guglielmo Bucchino entertained the public.


11.11. - 15.11.2015 INTERNATIONAL  „MARKT DER VÖLKER“ in Hamburg


16.10.2015 Presentation of the new calendar 2017 & new creations of art at   Bürgerzentrum, 75378 Bad Liebenzell


14. - 20.09.2015 - LIVI 2015 in Bad Liebenzell; 22 artists from France & Germany together performed a festival of arts. Jayantha joined them as an artist and drummer.


05.09.2015 Opening  of HELGE LEIBERG – Exhibition of Paintings & Skulptures  at Museum Villa Haiss in Zell a.H., Germany.  "Jayantha & the Clan" entertained the visitors with their music.


08.08.2015 Jayantha & the Clan presented  a „BENEFIT CONCERT FOR NEPAL“  at Paracelsus-Krankenhaus, Blauer Saal, 75378 Bad Liebenzell


26.07.2015 Concert  at „SOMMERFEST“  in Haus auf dem Wimberg, Calw


25.07.2015 „Sri Lanka friendship“ - festival with music at Forum am Windhof, Calw


19.07.2015 Workshop of drawing & painting  at  Forum am Windhof, Calw


June 2015 Days of  art projects at  primary school in Ostelheim


April 2015 CONCERT  „LEBENSFREUDE“  at "Mittendrin" in Neubulach


Februar 2015 Jayantha was selected as MAN OF THE WEEK  by the magazine Evangelisches Gemeindeblatt für Württemberg 15. Februar 2015


08.01.2015 JAYANTHA LIVE IN CONCERT – benefit concert for  lokale Allianz „Demenz mitten im Leben“, Calw





18.12.2015 -25.2. 2016   Long stay in Sri Lanka; he spent a  lot of time with his helping projects, had meetings with artists, journalists & musicians etc.


28.6.16 School project at Ludwig-Uhland-Schule in Schömberg


12.7.16 Concert “Kulturabend“ Haus auf dem Wimberg, Calw


17.9.2016 Jayantha & the Clan live in concert – Benifit concert for Sri Lanka at  Paracelsus-Krankenhaus,  75378 Bad Liebenzell-Unterlengenhardt, Germany


28.10.2016 Presentation of new calendar 2017 & new creations of art at   Bürgerzentrum, 75378 Bad Liebenzell


9.-13.11.2016 INTERNATIONAL MARKT DER VÖLKER at Linden-Museum, Stuttgart


17.-20.11.2016 INTERNATIONAL MARKT DER VÖLKER in Hamburg

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